Congress proceedings - Frontiers Research Topic

Dear EVOLMAR 2023 participants,
we are very happy to inform you that we have the opportunity to publish the proceedings of the Congress as a Research Topic that will be co-edited by Frontiers in Marine Science and Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution EVOLMAR 2023.

You are all encouraged to submit your work!

In order to support students and early career researchers, Frontiers will support early bird submissions with the following waivers:

Three 50% fee waivers for submission to Frontiers in Marine Science

Two 50% fee waivers for submission to Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Four 25% fee waivers for submissions to Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

These waivers will be allocated on a first come-first served basis, so make sure you submit your work as soon as possible.

Submission in Frontiers is a two-steps process that starts with abstract acceptance: for all abstracts already accepted for EVOLMAR 2023, you can directly proceed with manuscript submission. If you want to submit a manuscript not presented in EVOLMAR 2023, but falling within its scopes, you need to submit an abstract beforehand. Abstract acceptance does not guarantee manuscript acceptance.

In addition to the early bird submission waivers, all authors are entitled to submit their waiver requests directly to Frontiers or take advantage of their institutional subscriptions.