Registration & Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

EVOLMAR2020 will be run entirely using the software Zoom, through links that will be shared among all the registered participants. We will have single sessions for talks (invited and contributed) and 4 parallel sessions (each held in a different Zoom meeting) for posters. Communications will be streamed live, as in a traditional in person congress, except in the case of connection problems (see below).

The presentations will be recorded and the videos posted on a dedicated EVOLMAR YouTube Channel after a 6-months embargo, unless the Authors denied permission at the moment of submitting their abstract.

We realize that it’s become quite common for people to use social media to promote research presented during conferences, and we expect this to be the case for EVOLMAR2020 too. Authors who do not wish to have their presentations exposed on ANY kind of social media should place the NO TWITTER NO TWITTER on the first slide.

We recommend the participants to observe the following rules during the Zoom meeting:

  • Make sure your Zoom account reports your full name
  • Silence your microphone unless you are presenting
  • Do not take pictures or records of the presentations
  • Ask questions using the chat


  • In order to allow as many people as possible to give talks, our program features very few short breaks: ALL talks (whether they be 15, 7 or 3 minutes) must be carefully timed to end within the allotted time. Talks running late will be automatically stopped! Presenters will be given warning signs in advance of the end of their time, but we also strongly encourage the inclusion of a summary in the last slide, so that the main conclusions will still be shown while the next presenter gets ready to start.
  • ALL speakers must upload their presentation as a Powerpoint and PDF file by Thursday November 19th at the latest
  • Enter in your Easychair account here as “author”, find your “Submission”, click on “view” and then “Add or update files”
  • During the oral sessions each presenter will be given control of the mouse and will be able to advance the slides autonomously. Presentation files should have a maximum size of 20 MB, and possibly have a 16:9 format.
  • In order to minimize the risk of not being able to present due to connection problems during the meeting, all authors are also encouraged to record their presentations before the meeting using either Powerpoint or the Open Broadcaster Software (open source) available here, and upload it on their Easychair account here (by clicking on “view” and then “add or update files”) as a .pptx or .mp4/.mov file. Video recordings will be used as backups.
  • Time for questions (3 minutes) is foreseen for the 15 minutes oral presentations only. For the 7 and the 3 minutes presentations we encourage the participant to interact directly with the speakers via chat.


  • Posters can have any shape, but we encourage you to keep in mind that most people will see the posters on a laptop screen, so a landscape format is easier to read. You can find here a universal poster template that you are free to modify as needed.
  • Posters have to be uploaded as a pdf (maximum size 5MB) and jpg (to serve as a thumbnail) files by Thursday November 19th at the latest.
  • Enter in your Easychair account here as “author”, find your “Submission”, click on “view” and then “Add or update files”
  • Posters will be available for viewing on the conference website at login.html using a login and password that all registered participants will be provided with. During the virtual poster sessions of November 25th, conference participants will be able to submit questions for presenters via chat. Session moderators will then select the questions and relay them to the presenters.

Registration & Abstract

Abstract: New Deadline October 14th

Registration: New Deadline November 15th

To register as either an author or participant you must first pay the €10 congress fee. Please complete the Registration Form to register for the conference.


Abstracts should be submitted online only, through the Easy Chair conference management system (click here).

Authors should indicate their preference for:

  • 15 minutes oral presentation (includes 3 minutes for questions)
  • 7 minutes oral presentation (includes no time for questions)
  • Poster (if you are a student indicate whether you plan to also give a 3 minutes talk to present the main findings of your poster)

Abstract should be in English, and include the name, affiliation and email of all authors, title, and a description of the work to be presented (aim, methods used, results and main conclusions).
The body of the abstract (excluding author names and affiliations) should not exceed 300 words.
An example of an abstract is provided (click here). Abstracts that do not conform to this template, especially those that exceed the word limit, will be automatically rejected. Please indicate up to 2 among the 4 thematic areas (Macroevolution, Populations and Species, Adaptation, Biodiversity) in order to facilitate the assignment of the abstract to the most relevant session.

The deadline for abstract submission is October 14th.

Each registered participant can only submit one abstract.


Upon receipt of the registration and the corresponding payment, the congress office will send a confirmation to the participant which also serves as invoice.

Cancellation Policy

Registration fee are not refundable


When registering for the EVOLMAR 2020, please arrange payment of the registration fee. All payments must be made in EUR. You can choose between two forms of payment

Charges for bank transfers will be applied for payment coming from non-EU country Bank transfer to: Elly Travel srl
IBAN NUMBER: IT10U0760103200001010176061
Description of payment: EVOLMAR 2020 - Registration Participant name

- CREDIT CARD (Visa / Mastercard) through NEXI XPay (P@Y-MAIL)
This service requires + 4% of the total amount to pay as bank charges
P@y-mail is the Nexi platform for online payments, and guarantees maximum security.
With XPay we can accept payments on the international VISA and MasterCard circuits.
You will receive the payment link at your email address


Students need to confirm their status during the registration process.